September 9-11, 2016

Green Lake Conference Center

Millikin University

Student Application: Registration is now open.

Chaperone Application: Registration is now open.

A message from Sarah McVeigh, NextDirection chair:

Greetings Friends!

What was the moment or series of moments that propelled you into the world of choral music?  What inspired you to make teaching youth through music your life’s calling?  What types of experiences did you have that you hope that your students may have as well? 

NextDirection gives music teachers an opportunity to spark the passion of choral leadership in the hearts of their students- It serves to bring together the brightest, most dynamic young people to consider a career in choral music.  Every year, students (both high school and college) leave NextDirection inspired to be great leaders in their own programs and often years down the road.

What is NextDirection?  NextDirection provides a unique 3-day venue for high school juniors and seniors to think about the possibilities within the choral music profession.  Students have the chance to make connections with like-minded students, to work with collegiate music education students, and to meet and work with outstanding conductors and teachers. 

Why is it “Unique?”  Unlike an All-State/Honor Choir experience, performance is not the main focus, although the singing standard is very high.  In addition to singing in a high achieving choir, students will also attend mini-sessions regarding issues in the music education world.

Who should attend?  NextDirection is not just for students already considering careers in choral music, but also for the finest young choral musicians who may have never considered becoming choral directors. 

Now it is your turn to mentor and inspire your gifted young leaders.  Give your students the opportunity of a lifetime - NextDirection.

To Collegiate Directors- Do you have a current student who you feel is ready to take the next step in changing high school students' lives? Is there a music student at your school who will represent your college or university in a positive way? If so, serving as a chaperone for the NextDirection Conference is meant for that student!  Collegiate students will get a chance to talk with kids about YOUR program, as well as collegiate life in general. They will also be able to work with great staff, sing in the conference choir under the direction of Beth Holmes and meet other college students that may become their future colleagues!  Consider your best candidates for this incredible experience.