Helping Hands

We find strength in community of artist-teachers that make up the Wisconsin Choral Directors Association. If you are looking for help for your choir, just fill out this form, and if someone can help, s/he will, for free.


What kinds of projects would work? Anything that will help your choir, e.g.:

-"I'm having trouble helping my changing male voices in our 8th grade choir. Can someone model how to navigate their new voices?"

-"We're preparing the Schubert Mass in G Major for our spring concert. We would love it if someone could come to engage the students with a comprehensive perspective on Schubert the composer and his time period and style."

-"We're preparing a big concert and I would love a second pair of ears to listen and provide feedback for the choirs."

-"Does anyone know how to teach the French pronunciation of 'Dirait-on'?"

-"Are there any music ed students that could come after school to work in sectionals with the chorus parts for our musical?"

-"Does anyone know how to teach improvisation for a beginning show choir?"

-"Are there any vocal performance/music education students that could come and coach Solo and Ensemble singers one at a time while I keep the normal choir rehearsal schedule going next Tuesday or Wednesday?"


WCDA members, all you need to do is complete this form.